Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Everybody love everybody!!

Best chicken sandwich??

They know its Hardees....🤣🤣

Monday, August 12, 2019

"Ride or Die" - Red Dead Redemption 2 Music Video (Live Action)

This is definitely on of my most favorite and most played JT songs...Rockit even makes an appearance!! See if you can pick him out! Leave a comment if you find him :)

FNAF VR Help Wanted NIGHTMARIONNE Rap Song "Don't Make Me" | Rockit Gami...

Rockit Gaming with Gameboy Jones on this is so amazing....I met both of these artists and they are amazing live and in this video!

I think this is really funny!

This Dan Bull video is too funny!

Dark Deception Chapter 2 Rap Song "Deadly, Deadly" | Deadly Decadence | ...

This is what I listen to while working...I love Rockit Gaming Music...I don't even listen to mainstream radio anymore...these YouTube creators are so talented!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019


This is a must see. This is one of my most favorite creators on YouTube. I have even met them in person and they are the most amazing people as people too. Check out this video to get an idea of all the different music they have done..It has samplings of a bunch of their songs from all different kinds of games.

Oh, and just in case you were saying Oh I don't like games I won't like those're wrong! Plus these guys create music for movies and TV also!! They are great guys, and I'm not getting any kind of kickback for sharing them, or any of the other artists I'll be sharing...I'm just listening to a lot of music, and I feel like it should be shared..Music is important!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Sharing amazing're going to love it!

Okay this is really off topic for me but I really needed to share some amazing music with anyone who stumbles across this blog.

I know we all love to create. Well, when I'm creating, whether it's sewing, embroidering, painting, heck even cleaning the house I love having music on. I love music.

So I am sometimes asked at vendor shows what music I'm playing in my booth, and I tell them it's all youtube game music. This is just one of my favorite YouTubers, and I had the great privilege of actually meeting them this past weekend in Nashville, at NPC 2019.

It was a concert/meet and greet, with 20 of the coolest YouTube artists you could ever meet!!

I am partial to Rockit and JT but I love so many. Over the next few weeks I'm going to be sharing different videos that I love to have playing all the time...seriously, I have it on my computer, my phone, the ipods, in the car....everywhere!

It is not destructive, it is not like the mainstream music that I honestly don't even listen to anymore. I haven't had the radio on in years. These guys are seriously so talented. The music I listen to is mostly video game inspired, and that's mostly because my whole family is a bunch of game lovers..I love that this is an option, and if you have a minute in your day, hop over and watch some of the videos I'll be sharing, trust me I'm sure you'll find something you love.!!


You are going to find some music you love!!!

Friday, August 2, 2019

It's been a while..

Okay almost 2 months to catch up on...I got this..

So we've been pretty active this summer, which is out of character for us honestly. We were doing therapy for 2 kids for a while but I stopped taking my daughter because she wasn't listening to this therapist either, and my son had to stop going because of insurance issues. My Mr. changed jobs again in May, and it looked like things would be okay, but we recently found out it's I am having to put more of my time and energy into actually making items and trying to get them sold.
Plus, since that isn't a guaranteed money maker, I've been doing more transcription and captioning, just to get a little extra money each week.

The kids have been reading a lot. We are trying to cut down on electricity, so they read and play games together a lot more, which I really love, until they start fighting haha.

I am also trying to plan to send my oldest to Europe for University next year. That is starting to sound like an impossibility, but I really want this for him and he has always been such a good kid...he really deserves it. So I am going to do my best to send him, even if I have to sell a kidney!

I had started a partnership with a lady for her subscription box, but things had gone south, and she decided to dissolve the box due to ridiculous customers. She doesn't like to deal with people, and these people were absolutely awful so I really don't blame her. I can't even believe what they were saying to her in the emails...believe me it was unthinkable..I would never say such things to anyone.

So, since then I have started redesigning my Etsy shop a little bit, and I have a large market show in September that I'll be working on stock for as well. If I can find enough time to sew/make instead of's a hard choice.

I guess that's the most exciting bits, I hope all of you are doing well. I hope someone still stops by here :)

Remember, even when things are tough, and you can't imagine them changing and getting better, they will...eventually, but only if you stick it out, keep going, keep breathing...I know I will. Tomorrow needs you, too!!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

More changes...I'm starting to feel like a chameleon...'s hot.

I know it's May in the South, and it's supposed to be hot.

I know it's just going to get hotter.

I am like a polar bear in the dessert.

I just hate hot weather. You cannot dress for hot. You can bundle for days if you're cold...

Hot is not fun. I can only take off so many layers, then I'm just naked and nobody wants that! hahaha

Even naked I'm so insulated I am still hot.

We did find a pool this year. The kids are thrilled and already playing in it, even though it isn't even fully set up yet. The pump we got with it, needs seals or something so we can't get the sand filter running and I'm so nervous the pool is going to start turning green before we can get it running. Then I will have wasted all the gallons of water in the pool, and will have to refill it...ugh..I hate summer~

Anyhow, while I've been inside avoiding the hot, I've been revamping my shop.

I've begun with renaming it. I met a lovely lady in my area that is amazing, and asked me to supply some items for her subscription box service!  She made me a new logo for my etsy, and is definitely so similar to me I don't mind interacting with her, yeah, I was surprised as well.

The shop's new name is The Enchanted Stitchery. I will be restocking with lots of new designs and fun items over the next couple of months and offering coupon codes here as well as on the instagram and the facebook page! 

I hope to keep everyone up to date, but if you feel lost, you can catch me on Instagram enchantedstitchery, and on Facebook The Stitchress. I'm trying to update the Facebook page name, but facebook doesn't think I should...sooo we'll see.

I hope all of you guys are doing well, staying cool, staying safe if you are in an area with crazy dangerous weather right now, and most of all just staying...tomorrow needs you <3

&quot;The Boys&quot; rap is awesome!