Saturday, March 16, 2019

New machine fun

I have been using a Brother HE1 embroidery machine for a while and I thought I loved it. I never had a real problem with it and if anything did start acting wonky I could get in there and fix it myself. It just had such a small embroidery area, being only a 4x4 machine. I realized quickly that I was going to need a bigger machine.

After a bunch of thought and researching and searching and more searching...I finally decided I loved the Viking Ruby machine. Well, that, as almost everything else in my life, was way too expensive of a machine for my budget! Used ones run close to $1500 on the cheap! Mostly they are around $2k~ yea, a I started looking around for more affordable options.

Everyone screams PE770! I scream UGH! Only because it only does a 5x7 hoop..that's only 1 size up from my tiny 4x4..I wanted BIG!!

I ended up going with a used, BabyLock Ellegante. It is definitely my budget machine, but it does go up to 7x12 I believe or 7x14? one of those...which is pretty nice and big enough for some great designs from my most favorite designer, String Theory Fabric Art.  You should totally check out her site, even if you don't stitch, you will enjoy just seeing all the amazing things she has on there. She is amazing and she makes gorgeous designs, but sometimes they need to be in the bigger sizes to get them to really stitch well enough to showcase her talents. I think the most popular, or most well known design of hers are her twists on Van Gogh's Starry Night. She has a Hogwarts starry night,  star wars starry night, and Tardis starry night I believe. Now they take hours to stitch out on the machine, and have a bazillion jump stitches to clip by hand but they are so beautiful.  Now I can get the bigger designs and stitch them comfortably and really do her designs justice.

Ok, that's all I have for today, I hope you are all doing well, staying healthy, and checking in on all your loved ones. Live today, and just keep going!!

Why do I ever leave my house!!??

I swear, if I could find a nice little cottage in the middle of a field and I could live there with not interacting with any other real person I would totally do it...Or maybe I just don't like my in laws...I don't know..

I love my family, I love my mom, and I am pretty sure I do love my inlaws for the most part...but when we go to family functions and all the cousins are brought, and my sister in law brings her daughter that has been exposed to the flu, and doesn't tell anyone...that is what I hate.

I have a lot of kids..I also have severe asthma/allergies. I generally only have a difficult time when it is rainy because of the mold spores. However, this year has been exceptionally wet, and we brought home a tiny virus that is attacking our respiratory systems.

For the last week or so I have been tending to fevers, snotty noses and general breathing problems. Honestly, until yesterday, I wasn't doing too badly.

Then, I couldn't breathe. Even after using my inhaler, I still couldn't breathe. So I go to the Dr. I love my Dr. by the way. She is really nice and her office is small so I can always get an appointment and that keeps my from having to go to the ER or to a walk in clinic that I would have to see some weird person, probably a nurse, that doesn't know me or my issues...ugh! The horror! 

When I called the office I was already pretty close so I got an appointment within 7 minutes, I was at the office in 3.

I had to have a breathing treatment in office, plus steroid shot, plus she gave me a whole list of meds to try and help.

I don't know if they are working or not...I can't breathe but now it's because my sinus are clogged..although I am still coughing a lot and feel tight in my chest.

I hope it passes quickly, I hope to get back on here more frequently once this yuck passes..I hope all of you are doing well, feeling healthy, and moving forward. I think I am at least moving forward..a little haha

Friday, March 15, 2019

So I love things that smell good...

I have always been one of those weird people that love to have my home/car/space smelling really good. However, my version of good, is usually not on track with the trends.

I hate the smell of vanilla.

I cringe when I smell Lavender.

I really get nauseated at the scent of heavy cinnamon too.

So, my opinion of a good smell is usually a light clean air "fresh" smell, that reminds me of laundry hanging on the clothes line when I was small. Or I enjoy lovely citrus scents, although, that can quickly go awry if made incorrectly.

I used to sell scentsy, well I used to buy it a lot so I signed up to be a consultant, and I love earning free goodies on my purchases. I don't have to have "parties" or stalk and sell to my friends and family.

I'm not a sales person..I suck at talking to people.

I recently jumped back in because they now have the cute disney character stuff and while I'm still not a disney fan, I know most people are and so this time maybe I will be able to sell stuff to someone other than myself! haha

If you want to check out the new goods, check them out here Welcome Back Party. If you don't it's cool :) I'm totally chuffed you are reading this far!!

Thank YOU!!

I hope you're doing well, getting on every day with minimal grief, and most of all I hope you keep going!

Till next time :)

Friday, March 8, 2019

My oldest son teaching his baby brother to play Ark ...

Seriously, I love my son...always...BUT when he does something like this it just makes me get all the feels!! His baby brother is 5, and loves to be like his big brother and play games. My oldest is always working on his YouTube channel, trying so hard to get the 1000 subscribers it takes to set up his adsense account. He's at 25, but he never gets bummed or discouraged. He is on there every night putting up his game clips every day...I can't wait to be able to get him set up so he can make his videos even more awesome and really grow his channel. He's amazing, if you have a few minutes take a look, drop a thumbs up if you can, it will really bring a smile to his super cute awkward fuzzy puberty face hahaha <3

Sunday, March 3, 2019

It's cheese sauce and I paid for it, yet my Mr is judging me...

So the Mr and I rarely get to go out by ourselves to do anything so the other night when we got to go out to a quick dinner we ran! haha

I picked him up from work and we went to Culver's. If you don't know what it is, it is just another burger place like Steak & Shake or Freddy's...I think..They do have really good ice cream..they call it frozen custard...I call it ice cream and the one with Andes Mints in it is so good I'm not sure it's only mint they are putting in there!

So we go and order our food, sit down, they bring it, we start eating and when we are almost finished, I see there's a few fried cheese curds left and well..that just can't be so I grab on e and dip it in the cheese sauce I had to pay for for my french fries...My Mr. stops eating his french fries and looks at me all kind of sideways like I had just put pickles in cottage cheese or something! Like he seriously couldn't believe what I was doing and says...

"you know those are fried cheese, right?"

"uhhh..yea.." I replied.

"why are you dipping them in cheese sauce?" he added, as though he realized I must be in the beginning stages of dimentia and I just thought it was some other kind of dip!

"I paid for the cheese sauce...I'm not going to throw it away! That's like throwing away 76 cents! Who does that?" I say, slightly offended and more confused as to how he doesn't already know and understand everything that is happening in front of him.

He just laughed at me, and said I was pretty...I momentarily considered telling him we need to seriously re-evaluate our relationship, but I just enjoyed my cheese dipped fried cheese curds instead, while wondering how I married a man that could ever have said these things to me..

I hope you are all having a wonderful day/week/month/year...I hope this made you laugh a little, or al's judgement :)

I'm working on my videos for the new embroidery machine my Mum sent me last week! If you are interested in that kind of thing it will be on the YouTube channel soon, I'll post it here as well when it's finished.

Until next time, please keep going, keep breathing, keep pushing forward..don't forget to check in on your loved ones and friends, even those who you don't think need it...give love and hugs to  all your peeps..every day!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Little road trip for a cute little vintage sewing machine.

I've been searching for a new embroidery machine so I can expand my items in my shop and for craft fairs. So many designs that I love are for 5x7 and larger, and until now I've only had a brother that only does 4x4. It's a great little machine, and it stitches well and I can do just about long as it's small.

The Mr. said I could look around and as long as I found one that was not crazy expensive, we'd see if I could manage it into the budget. Well, I of course fell in love with a Husqvarna Viking Ruby machine, that is sooooo nice, however, it is at least $1800 and that's for an iffy transaction. These easily average $2200-$3000..USED! 

While I was searching Viking Ruby yesterday, this adorable vintage sewing machine pops up in the feed and it's listed for $100...

I know what you're saying, "I thought you wanted an embroidery machine??"

And I would reply, "yes. I do. However, this is a vintage sewing machine, that I've never seen before..I'm certain if I had seen it before I would be looking for it now to purchase!"

It was about 2 hours away from me..that was a minor deterrent once the gentleman accepted my offer of $60.

So off we went, my 12 yr old, 10 yr old, 4 yr old and myself.  
It was a pretty uneventful drive up thankfully, e
xcept of course, the people who do not know how to use their headlights in the rain!

Seriously folks, if you are in a light colored vehicle especially, but any vehicle, and it is raining, you should have your headlights on...if you don't your a terrible driver! There I said it.

It's been raining for so long here. The river is about to flood downtown and it is still raining soooo much. 

The whole trip took us about 7 hours, and once I got home, I couldn't wait to get my machine set up and see how it stitched. Honestly, I wanted to see IF it stitched.  

It came with a little stack of books, the foot pedal and the cams! Yea CAMS. It's a cam sewing machine, from the 70's..I love this thing so much.

It stitches beautifully. So smooth. So straight. So quiet! Which was a surprise. I do need to get a new hook for my bobbin, as this one is worn and it clanks a bit while sewing. But even with that $83 piece, I'm still very happy with the price of the machine.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Another small Grove order unboxing **NOT a referrer** just an compulsive cleaner/shopper..don't judge..just watch :)

I really just realized how to share this directly from my YouTube channel. I am feeling a little old...but I think I'm ok as long as I'm not asking my kids how to "watch a funny on the YouTube?" haha

Let me know in the comments if you get that reference...if you do we should be friends :)

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day, see you next time!

Would you kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel...pretty please??

Ok, so I have this YouTube channel and I really want to make it awesome with weekly videos and stuff, but I'm finding myself discouraged as it is still new and I only have 3 subbys. None are my spouse or kids though so that's something, haha.

I am working on videos now, and will be posting another Grove unboxing today, plus I'll be posting my first how to knit video this weekend. In my line up will be a review of my amazing vintage Husqvarna Viking 6460 Cam sewing machine, I'll be reviewing a singer em200, a babylock ellegante, and a brother innovis 4000d embroidery machine, showing you how I make bags in the hoop on the different machines, leather crafting, sewing leather bags and accessories, getting ready for a vendor show and so much more craft stuff!

My son will be making some appearances talking about his Tourettes and how he feels like it affects his ability to craft, along with some cool projects he will be doing.

I am always open to suggestions as well, so if you are a subscriber please leave a comment somewhere and let me know what video you'd like to see! Leave a comment here, I'll definitely see it!

I want to thank any and all of you who stop by to read this blog, and even if you don't jump over to YouTube, I still appreciate you so much! It is so encouraging just to see people reading my little quips of life here. I know in years I will be glad to have made this and see what I did and what my family was doing. So thank you for being here and sharing my life...I love you guys for that <3

Remember to give those hugs, say those I love you's, and check in with those people you don't think needing checked in on, as well as the others that do...keep going, keep breathing, I think you rock socks! I'll be back soon. Thank you...every one of you...even if it is just one of you :) <3

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Frames, Trash and a little bit about ODD

I take the 3 kids to their eye appointments, with baby girl in tow, because if I leave the house you know she's coming and bringing her plus 1 to sit with her and hold her hand in the car...yea she's so funny.

We get to the mall, check in for exams, and start looking for frames, my boys are like BAM,

"Mama, I like these, are they ok?"

I'm like, "Awesome, yea they look great!"

Done. 2 out of 3 frames picked in less than 5 minutes.

Then there's my 13 yr old girl.

She's .... special...and I swear I don't mean that in a derogatory mean way...she really is though..everything with her is so..... "extra"? Is that what that means, I don't have any other way to explain has to be so difficult.

She immediately says she wants these large black frames, that were too big and too contrasting for her...once I explained that she was immediately crushed yet continued to only choose black wide frames too big for her face.

I ask her which brand of frame she thinks are nicest..she says "Guess". So we go to the Guess wall, and I'm looking and I find a pair with blue inner frame and the tortoisey outer frame. Still brown, but with some light tones for her pale blue eyes and blonde/brown hair and fair skin...she says "hmm ok" but her face was just so unhappy. She said she liked the colored ones, so I chose some fun speckled purples, greens, reds, blues, no frames, plastic frames, metal frames, half frames...I was pretty sure we were all going home with pink eye after the number of frames she put on her face! haha

Then she goes back to the first pair I chose and says "I'll get these" I explain to her she does not have to pick a pair at this place, we can go other places for frames if she does not want these. But, she's done, she just wants to leave and so I give in and get the frames and feel like a complete failure as a mom.

As we are driving home, we pass a sports bar with a bit of open land between it and the next hotel on that little road, and it is trashed. It looks like people just park there and see who can throw the most trash the furthest into the field. It looked awful. My before picture doesn't begin to show you how bad it was.

My daughter, being the little environmentalist she is sometimes, said "Mama, could I pick up that trash? We have some plastic Aldi bags back here..."

I say, "yea, but I'm not going to keep those bags, we will just drop them at the dump on the way home".

She gets out, grabs gloves and a bag and starts picking up.

Let me also add, as you can sort of see in the pics, it was not nice out yesterday. It was grey and cold and had been raining for was muddy and wet and gross.

Yet she worked hard, walking all around bending over and picking up 5 aldi bags of trash, plus a box she found and filled and a big trash bag she found and filled.

But she did it. And she earned her choice of pizza this weekend and a weird doll thing with teeth...Fuggler I believe it's called? I dunno,I think it's creepy, but she loves it..

When she does these things it makes me feel like I have actually done something right, raising her, and it makes me feel guilty for getting so frustrated with her behaviour at any other given moment.

She has ODD. If you are unfamiliar with ODD, it is Oppositional Defiant Disorder. When the child has issues with following directions from authority figures. Usually, they are also very obnoxious and lash out at people and yell and can become violent. She has all the clinical text book symptoms EXCEPT for yelling/lashing out at me, the authority figure. I believe that may be coming as we get into the teens a bit further.

So she does an amazing job on the trash, and is a gross muddy mess, but she's happy. And that is a win..she doesn't get "happy" about many things, so when she does it makes me happy.

I hope you enjoyed today's entry, I know it was a bit long :)

I hope all of you reading this are doing well and finding your little bit of happy in each day.

Remember, I'm giving away an amazing book in one of my other posts, I can't wait for someone to take me up on that! Random mail makes me happy...although I generally only get mail when I've bought something. Except Booksgiving. Booksgiving was great. So go grab my book give away...let me booksgive you! This book is amazing pillow fort reading...seriously.

Also, check in with your friends and family and see if they need a little bit of happy in their day as well. Keep going, keep breathing, keep living and keep loving...I do <3

Monday, February 18, 2019

UFO's...they are all over my house!!

Yea, I really wish it was the cool spaceship kind of UFO's with little aliens inside..I could get them to take me to some other planet.  I'd be a great Rick/Morty character...ah well, no, I'm talking about UFO's..or UFP's...UnFinished Objects/Projects!!

I keep finding little bags of yarns, needles, thread, many things I started and just never finished. I tend to keep/hoard, craft items...I have bins and comforter blanket zip bags full and tucked away all over the house and garage, full of yarns or fabric or paracord or lace or threads or linen or scrapbooking supplies or possibly 3 die know it's point is I may have a problem..but it's ok...that's for another episode.

Today while showing my son how to cross stitch, so he could stitch out a Totodile that I found for him on Etsy. There are so many great designers on Etsy, I found a bunch of super adorable fandom type stuff and we are both kind of excited to do more! I had to find him some thread/floss or whatever you prefer to call this, I call it both. I knew I had at least 3 smallish bins full of the stuff! We found one pretty easily and it had lots of my more expensive stuff unfortunately, so I found him the other bin with the less expensive floss hahaha and we went from there.

ANYWHO, while working with him, I found a little bag with a project I was working on about 5 years ago! It's a cross stitch, based on the movie "Labyrinth". The one with David Bowie, and the crazy muppets and stuff all through it, and the baby in the weird where's waldo pajamas? Yea, you know the one...So this is the "Power of the Babe..." quote and it is surrounded by an art deco kind of frame and I am pretty sure it was supposed to be a gift for someone, but I ended up buying something instead...I may have gotten busy, I may have gotten bored, I may have just run out of time who knows.

My son is super excited though because I started stitching on it again a bit and he loves that we can do the same thing together. I hope he loves crafting and grows to do great things. If not then I hope he just does enough to make himself happy :) I love seeing him so happy with himself. He is having some ticking while cross stitching so it isn't like sewing was, but like I said he's happy so I'm happy..

If you stopped in to read, thank you! Don't forget to check out the other post for an amazing book give away!! Yea I'm going to buy you a you can't choose it, but I promise the book I'm giving you is absolutely amazing and I am pretty certain you or someone you know and love needs this book in their life..I am going to be buying a couple copies and framing the pages and hanging them as art when we buy our's that kind of epic...go to that post..leave your it now...

Until next time, keep going keep breathing, and just keep being you...don't forget to check in on your loved ones and let them know how you're doing and make sure they know you love them...every day.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Book Giveaway inside!

I finally got our taxes done. 1 thing I can check off my list. whew~ I wasn't sure that one was gonna happen.

Now, I can move on to planning the year ahead. School, Dr. Appointments, bills....ugh I don't know why I was looking forward to this.

I am also excited to let anyone who reads this silly blog know that I am giving away a book. It's not my book. It's a book I recently received in the Booksgiving event I talked about earlier. I received the book "You Are Here" by Jenny Lawson. I read it the night it arrived and I have never felt so connected to a book before. It's easy to see people gush over her books on her blog of course, I think that's just good manners haha

BUT I am not affiliated with her or her blog at all, she most likely has no idea who I am, yet her book has seriously touched my inner most being with this book...and I genuinely love and respect her for writing it..I will be getting both of her other books as well.


I'm giving anyone who needs it or hasn't read it or is just going through a really tough time with depression/anxiety or who just needs something to come in the mail for them to open and distract them for a few minutes...ANYONE that comments that they would like the book..I'm going to buy it for you...because I love are important...and I know you are gonna love this book...and if you don't, no harm no foul...just donate it to a library or a shelter or a thrift store that supports American Veterans...whatever you want...but I think it will touch you, and I want you to read and feel everything in this book...I want you to know you are not are here and so am are all of us that are feeling alone and depressed.

So that's it, leave a comment here, make an amazon wish list with your shipping address, I won't see your address, I just buy it and it ships to you, your info is kept secret from me...I just want as many people as possible to have this book in their life.

Well, that's all I have for today..don't forget to leave your comment! Keep going, keep breathing, I do <3

See you next time :) 

New machine fun

I have been using a Brother HE1 embroidery machine for a while and I thought I loved it. I never had a real problem with it and if anything ...